Cyclops Toe

Taper Week for Mt Lakes Triathlon this weekend has turned into sickness recovery week.  I’d hoped to complete my last triathlon of the season with confidence & success before beginning my half-marathons in mid-September.  Training hard for multiple sports is a slippery slope for injury-prone over-doers like me.  As a result of running longer, harder & more often and not being properly fitted for shoes, I developed a blister then nail tenderness then CYCLOPS TOE!  Amazing how things can go from bad to worse in just one 11 mile run 🙂 my second in 1 week.  Did I mention over-achiever?  Despite getting fit & shod with new Brooks Pure Flows from Trak Shak, the damage has been done.

I broke down & called the doctor since not only is my toe swollen but I’ve got a sinus cold & poison sumac running wild on my hands and legs.  Holistic self-care can only go so far despite my whole hearted efforts to flush my sinuses with a neti pot daily, breath eucalyptus steam, drink enough hot herbal tea to float a small armada, coat my body in Benadryl/Hydrocortisone cream, & bury my foot in ice water.  My deceased father & chiropractor would both be proud.

Diagnosis: The toenail WILL fall off but I can’t do much about it.  Compete & the nail will be worse.  Don’t compete & maybe it’ll come off a little nicer & without as much pain/swelling.  3 days to decide.

Now I’m amped up on methylprednisolone & amoxicillin.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing as the 1st can cause insomnia & the 2nd diarrhea.  Awesome.  Did I mention I got up at 4am this morning with insomnia?

Time for a swim effort!

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