Yesterday’s Brick & Today’s Travel

Yesterday’s BRICK workout was “will I race?” test #1.  I spent 30 minutes on the trainer then hoped off for a 15 minute run around Bluff Park (guaranteed to filled with curves, cars, & hills from hell).  My foot/toe felt ok besides the slight numb, tingling I felt the first few minutes of the run.  Afterwards, it looked & felt more pissed off though once freed it from socks and shoes.

So overall the activity part seemed good, but riding on a trainer then casually changing shoes when I’m relatively dry and on carpet is much different than doing it in T2 with several hundred other triathletes & the elements.  All that to say I’m still undecided about racing at Mountain Lakes tomorrow.  A large part of me WANTS to do because of the cooler temps & the fast, flat course, BUT I’ve pushed so many times in my life & paid for it weeks & months later.  One of my goals with triathlon & the like is to apply what I’ve learned through yoga – “listen to your body!”  I think my body is screaming at me and I don’t want to listen….

Either way bags are packed & we leave in 2 hrs.  If I wake up again tomorrow feeling groggy, queasy and light-headed then I’ll just cheer & enjoy my coffee & scone knowing that rest is more important than suffering through a race or having my first DNF.  I’ve heard many say that having a DNF taught them SOOOO much.  So can making the choice before the race to DNS (did not start). Duh! Easier said than done for us hard-headed competitors.

See some of you in Guntersville! Good luck if you’re racing!



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