Gross UPDATE: Cyclops Toe

If you are the queasy type, then I’d avoid reading this post or looking to closely at the picture.  I spared us all the video of what ensued 🙂

While at the Mt Lakes Triathlon, several athletes & coaches recommended I take some drastic measures to speed up the nail-losing process.

Be glad I didn’t video this…well, you actually missed a sad, whiny show of me whimpering with a hot safety pin as I try to drill a hole in my toe to relieve the pressure.  Please know that I spend the afternoon hearing how all sorts of nasty fluid would shoot from my toe when the red hot pin quickly & “easily” pierced the nail, then a feeling of great relief would come & “Tah Dah!” I’d be ready to run until it fell off.  WRONG!

When Laura walked up with plastic glasses, a face mask, large safety pin, alcohol (not for drinking unfortunately), & a long nose lighter, my legs went weak & the whimpering began.  I refused to let her help me at that point.  So maybe it became operator error, the needle didn’t get hot enough or I didn’t press long enough, but no great relief or spraying of blood/etc happened.  A little relief & grossness yes, but nothing magical.  No more needles or flames for me for a while, only bigger shoes & toenail polish to reduce potential future toenail damage.

In summary, the nail is purple with a small black hole now.

Happy healing purple cyclops toe!

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