Mountain Lakes Triathlon/Aquabike

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On Friday afternoon, I picked up my race packet filled with race tats (#670 – based on my slow swim time :< ), t-shirt, towel, & lots of useless paper.  After talking to the Team Magic co-race director Therese Bynum about cyclops toe, I decided to do the Aquabike (swim/bike).  With a bad finish time, I would make my ranking WORSE than it would already be so I figured to try my hand at Aquabike.  After packet pickup, I rode the run course for Laura to visualize & to loosen our legs & check our bikes, but it only made me want to run it. We jumped into the lake for a swim only to discover fish net-like seaweed everywhere. This is why it is vital to PREVIEW YOUR COURSE.  I would have freaked out on swim day if I had waited until race day to practice swimming as slimy-version of Swamp Thing from Creature from the Black Lagoon.

On Saturday morning, the Guntersville Rec Center was filled with bikes, athletes, supporters, flags, half-naked bodies and purple (female), yellow (male), & green (relay) swim caps.  At 7:30a the race started by estimated swim time so it was almost 7:50a before I hit the water.  During the past two triathlons, I’ve struggled to stay calm during the swim which led to poor times & panicky breathing.  I was committed to making this one my best even though it was going to be the longest swim of the year.  By practicing the course, focusing on my breathing, & remembering the swim techniques emphasized by my coach, John Hanna of E3Tri, I was able to swim smoothly and calmly during the whole distance.  What a success! Even if I was slow…slow & steady – goal accomplished!

The bike course was fairly flat with some rolling hills & annoying dump trucks and pickup trucks.  I was hoping to finish the 16.2 miles in 45 minutes but the traffic held me back.  I “chicked” several guys & girls and was never passed by a female which apparently got me 3rd place in Female Aquabike.  Too bad they only had one age division & only give an award for 1st place.  I got beat by two older ladies who were stellar swimmers.  Back to the pool!

Overall, it was a great race for me & I was thrilled with my efforts & successes.  I was able to push hard then relax.  I even got to run with Laura to the finish during the last 1/2 mile of the race.  With her & several other friends also racing, it was nice to cheer them home.

The Aquabike results are below.

                      AQUABIKE Female 1 - 99 DIVISION
Place No.   Name   Age  Rank  Swim     T1  Rank    Bike  Final  
=== ===== ==================== === ==== ======= ======= ==== =
1  24 Ella Dunn    48    2   11:28    1:36    1   46:54   59:57 
2  52 Dianne Jacobs 44   1   10:06    1:47    2   49:08  1:01:00
3 670 LyndseyRobinson 30 4   16:03    2:01    3   49:52  1:07:55
4 539 Debbie Schmid 55   3   15:54    2:34    5   57:22  1:15:48
5 264 Martha Johnson 47  5   16:42    3:03    4   57:11  1:16:54
6 506 Karen Vance  63    6   17:33    3:52    6  1:04:51 1:26:14


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