Post-Race Refueling

So after workouts, refueling carbs & proteins are essential to repairing muscle tissue & speeding up healing.  This is doubly important after races & long, hard workouts.  The first 30-60 minutes post-activity is the prime time to reload even if it’s only a small amount, otherwise athletes risk longer recovery and further muscle tissue depletion.

While the aquabike at Mt Lakes wasn’t the longest, most grueling race I’ve experienced (that was my 1st triathlon at Beach Blast Triathlon/Duathlon in Mexico Beach, FL, on April 28, 2012), I did sprint the race & was on medication for a sinus cold & poison sumac.  So I wasn’t racing in perfect health and therefore needed to refuel & rest especially well.

Post-race, pre-meal replenishment included water, gatorade, coconut water, Muscle Milk, 2 slices of pizza, & orange slices,

Lunch  several hours later included a fish taco, broccoli, slaw, & a beer (always in moderation of course).

Post-toe nail torture included a celebration/relief meal of shrimp & cocktail sauce, steak, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, & red wine.

And finally……bed at 9pm.


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