REST!…Do I have to?

Why is stopping or resting so hard for some of us yet so easy for others?  My cat, Crooked (as seen above), seems to have no problem resting.  When I was depressed or physically ill/injured, rest was the only thing I could do.  Now that I’m healthy, I don’t feel right unless I’ve moved my body & sweat that day.  Recent articles in Runner’s World & Triathlon magazine emphasize how when training for long-distance runs and triathlons, greater sleep along with yoga determine how well your training sticks.  Rest, whether it’s through extra sleep or non-activity or restorative yoga, is VITAL for muscle recovery.  While our training does strengthen our muscles, it also breaks them down, especially if we don’t eat/drink properly immediately after our sessions (within the first 30 minutes: 250-500 calories of carbs & protein @ 3:1 ratio).

Intentional Resting (IR) is a useful way to practice rest or relaxation on your OFF/REST day.  IR is similar to visualization meditation & the body scan used in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy & Kripalu Yoga, which that I practice with clients and groups.  Visit me at Awakened Living Therapeutics in Hoover to find which techniques can help maximize the effectiveness of rest & relaxation in your training program.


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