Wellness Counseling: Moving from Ideal to Real

When it comes to any form of activity at any age, we are always at risk for injury.  Of course, depending on age, weight, former and present activity level, overall health, & diet, not to mention uneven or wet terrain & weather, some of us are greater time-bombs than others.  Take heart though!  Literally.  It is possible to rewire that bomb and turn it into a wonderfully, effective time-keeping & tracking device that can guide you towards health vs. hyper-tension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or hyper-extension.

Here’s the how my business helps you build a personalize wellness plan:

  • ASSESSMENT (who? what/where?): nutritional, physical, mental, emotional, financial, social, medical, etc.

Before creating a personalized wellness plan, data is collected during an interview where the more information provided means the more specific and effective the plan.

  • GOALS (why?):

Now that we know who you are and where you are on the health continuum, let’s specify the why you seek a wellness plan.  We identify your short- & long-term goals within each category previously assessed.  Then we highlight areas of strength & struggle so that goals stay attainable and you stay motivated and encouraged.

  • ACTION PLAN (how?):

Combining the assessment with the goals, we collectively outline the how of your journey towards ideal health and wellness.  In the action plan, we also educate and learn how to combine what you already know that works with additional strategies.  Mixing up the old with the new sustains motivation and increases success.  By knowing what works & what doesn’t along with your strengths & your struggles, we create a friendly path towards wholeness and happiness for a lifetime.


Once your wellness plan is created and approved by you, the moment of truth begins.  We will periodically check-in via phone or face-to-face sessions to keep you motivated & accountable to yourself.


As days & weeks go by, we will adjust your plan as needed to fit any changes or excessive and unhelpful challenges that are hindering your progress.   Ebbs and flows will happen and offer an opportunity to learn how to handle stagnation or setback, but too much of either can lead to discouragement and the disintegration of your journey.


Hopefully within a few weeks, you will begin to see and feel the benefits of your hard work and dedication to your SELF.  This is the time when we celebrate the small and BIG milestones.  You learn ways to celebrate that don’t sabotage your continued journey but instead support the next steps on your journey.


To begin or deepen your journey towards a happy, healthy life, contact me to setup an appointment.

No one is turned  away because of financial concerns, health limitations, or time constraints.  If you want support then you will find it here.  All you have to do is ask.


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