Fat in Alabama: Avoiding “Chemical Calories” via Gardening

In early September 2012, a study was published by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Alabama was found to be the 6th fattest state (which is 2 places down from a recent federal study that ranked Alabama 4th).  Mississippi topped the chart at #1.  Colorado was the “thinnest” state.  Please remember though that numbers are NOT the ultimate measurement of health.  Although BMI (body mass index) is not the most accurate measurement of weight or obesity, it gives a general idea is one’s height and weight proportions are out of the normal range.  Skin fold calipers are more accurate in attaining body fat percentage which is how obesity is determined (over 25% body fat for men & over 30% for women).  Once you know where you are or even if don’t, finding support and assistance is the next most important thing.  Use of extension & local offices are the hope for the future, especially for people in rural areas who are less likely to travel to big cities and their “weight-loss” programs or be able to afford them.  Local programs run by local people provide familiarity of culture, ease of participation, and less of a financial and time burden.

So here is a FACT.  No longer can you blame your genes because your jeans don’t fit.  While some of us are “big-boned,” really tall or vertically challenged, this does not account for the rapid explosion of obesity in America.  You can be all of these things which are affected by genes but they DO NOT mean that “fat is familial” (i.e. inherited).

From Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, auto-immune disorders, liver and digestive system illnesses, and even mental disorders, obesity is a preventable condition that is linked to these and other serious and expensive-to-treat chronic diseases and other medical conditions. BUT GOOD NEWS!  You can prevent this epidemic from effecting your home, family, and even community through knowledge and action.

There are countless legitimate books and research studies that have been peer-reviewed and published discussing that it’s what we put IN our bodies and ON our bodies that is causing a health epidemic.  In other words it’s not just what you eat and how much you eat, but what goes in to those things, including on our hair and skin.  The impact of fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, and petroleum products are now documented to cause damage to the natural “weight-control” system of our brain and body, particularly our liver and digestive system which are our detoxification centers.  Over the past 30 years or so, advances in technology have allowed us to become the greatest producers of goods and technology BUT we didn’t realize the cost that couldn’t and wouldn’t be known until decades later.  When studies compare the sudden shift in obesity rates with the implementation of pesticides, fertilizers, and other man-made chemicals, the results are shockingly noticeable.  While cause and effect always have additional variables which shouldn’t be ignored, the major correlation is evident.

So be honest:


For an easy to understand and well-researched explanation by a doctor, read The Body Restoration Plan which discusses these “chemical calories” and their detrimental affect to our health via the obesity epidemic.

In a recent online article highlighting obesity in rural areas, the Journal of Rural Health found higher rates of obesity in rural settings by about 13% percent.  Whether the cause of this is income or education or culture is unknown, but a range of factors are probably the answer.  Oddly enough, people in some rural areas actually have the best chance of living healthier, happier lives because of their blue collar, more physical jobs.  Not only do rural people potentially work more physical jobs, they often work on or in association with farms.  Farms=Food & the quality, freshness and cleanness of our food impacts our health  and therefore our weight.  So when you own the farm or grown your own food, you have greater control over these factors.  Small gardens are easy to grow.  You just have to know what, when & how.

I offer a Crash Course in Gardening program and a quick guide handout so that you can have your Fall garden started in no time.  I can even create this garden for you with foods you’ll love that is price and time-effective.  Once it’s established, upkeep is quick, easy and great light to heavy exercise, depending on what you want.

Reply with a comment or email and I’ll contact you ASAP about getting started.


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