Over-Fed & Under-Nourished: Americans and the “Radar Range”

microwave water plantSince the arrival of the “radar range” (i.e. original name of the microwave) in the 1970s, controversy about the safety of them has swirled.  They were banned in Russia between 1976 and the early 1990s because of some negative studies in regard to effects of irradiating of food.   When you think about it, none of us want radiation in or around our bodies much less our food, YET “nuke it” is probably one of the most forms of “cooking.”

Radiation is used in many settings from cancer treatment to cooking food and killing bacteria.  These are seemingly helpful ways BUT the results are not as clean as we would hope.  Many people who receive radiation/chemotherapy treatment not only experience cancer remission but also receive radiation burn and cognitive disturbances like memory and attention problems.

Sometimes the pros outweigh the cons especially when people feel it’s life or death BUT…

What would happen if we were more mindful with our choices and more thorough in our investigation of alternative options?  i.e. Less run by fear.

When it comes to our food, Americans are severely overfed and consistently under-nourished, which is why everyone stays hungry yet gains weight and diseases formerly unknown to our ancestors.  Whether you re-heat food with a microwave or support the use of irradiation in food to inhibit mold or salmonella or e. coli, the effects are important to know.  When food is treated with radiation it sky-rockets the internal temperature that not only kills micro-organisms but also kills micro- & macro-nutrients.  Basically it changes the molecular structure of food.  And if you’re food is already pre-made, processed, not fresh-from-the-garden, then it’s effects are empty calories that still count against you.  Over-Fed, Under-Nourished, and STARVING!  

Remember when the US dropped the A-bombs in Japan? Remember what happened to the people exposed to it?  Remember what happened to their offspring and the next generation?  Molecular changes that caused birth defects and cancer to name a few.  While I am NOT saying that microwaving food will lead to cancer and birth defects, I am saying that it kills every last bit of nutrition our food which is already less than nutritious depending on how many hands or machines manipulated it before it touched your lips.

To go on a microwave detox may feel a bit extreme and time consuming, is this possibly another case of pros outweighing cons?  The biggest benefit is not just balanced nutrition but less overfeeding, less undernourishing, and greater connectedness to our food and our bodies.

It is by the reconnecting of our mind and body to nature (i.e. food, environment, community) that we heal our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual dis-eases.

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