How to Prevent & Heal From (Run) Injuries

How many of you have experienced a run-related injury in your life? in the past year? The numbers are quite high and more common here than in many other sports especially triathlon-related elements.


While running is great for you and requires minimal equipment, running alone is not enough to sufficiently strengthen the leg/knee/ankle/foot and keep the body in muscular balance.  In fact, just running often leads to excessive tightness and strength on one side and weakness and instability on the other. The most common complaints include outer knee pain (IT band & TFL tightness), patella pain (cartilage/fat impingement), pulled hamstrings, and weak hip flexors.

TFL run muscles

Here are two videos from LAVA Magazine highlighting simple ways to prevent or rehab from injury, especially run injuries.

E3 (Extreme Efficiency Exercises): Functional Resistance/Stability Training for Triathletes

Running Form Drills: How strength, flexibility, & range of motion are effected by proper equipment, training habits, & pacing


– stability ball hamstring curls to activate all the hamstring muscles

– Pigeon Pose to open up & activate the hip flexors & the TFL

Try them out then let me know how it works.

All of these activities are staples in my healing AND continual maintenance.

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