When Weight Loss Plans Don’t Work, Try Going “Keto”

When nothing else has worked, why not try the low carb, high fat diet?  Not Atkins or South Beach even tho it may look a little familiar.  The biggest problems with the above is the excessive focus on protein and a lack of focus on quality of food.  If you eat a slab of Hormel Bacon and Generic Eggs then you might lose a little weight initially, but you’re going to clog your arteries and rocket your triglycerides to mention a few things. BUT if you eat local free-range, hormone-free eggs and bacon that have been humanely raised then you’ll receive vital nutrients that the other meat lacks because of how it was raised and slaughtered.  Granted, if you eat such a breakfast every day and for most meals, you probably will die of a heart attack.

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The key to low carb, high fat diets (which will eventually cause “nutritional ketosis”) is eating high quality, nutrient dense versions of these foods including a ton of non-starchy vegetables. Healthy fats (50-60% of daily calories) includes avocado, coconut oil/milk, olive oil, cold-water fish like sardines, tuna and salmon. Protein can be a challenge is your a vegetarian as the best versions of protein with high nutrient load are grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free, local animals. Unfortunately, vegetarian diets can be overfilled with soy, beans, and rice, all of which are carbohydrate dense. Pescetarian can work if you watch your mercury levels. Safe starchy veggies and fruit include sweet potatoes, taro, quinoa, and low glycemic fruit like berries. BUT when these carbs or refined ones or over consumed or not used post-activity for recovery purposes, they can turn quickly to sugar which spikes your blood sugar thereby increasing AGEs (advanced glycation end-products).



Ben Greenfield, a health and fitness professional and Ironman Triathlete, experimented with ketogenic endurance training for IM Canada a few years ago with success.  I began a ketogenic diet in January and have gone in/out of ketosis along the way.  The success has come in fewer injuries, decreased joint inflammation, better sleep, stronger digestion and increased performance as I completed my first marathon in March & my first Olympic duathlon in April.  Dr. Terry Wahls wrote a book called The Wahls Protocol after researching and trying out all sorts of traditional treatments for MS without success.  She began a paleo-style diet then eventually moved into a highly ketogenic diet which eventually sent her multiple sclerosis into remission.  Her research confirmed that diet matters and finding the right one for you can mean the difference between life and death.

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If you’re ready to try something different that allows you to eat great food and have amazing energy, then contact me to start your journey. Whether you just want a free consultant and some education or you want a full scale plan of action with detailed food, workouts, meals cooked for you, and more, I can help you meet your goals and re-discover your happiness through food.

Here’s to your health!

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