Food Lies: How to tell if what your buying is what you think you’re buying

This blog will be an updated one with tips about how to determine if you’re getting what you think you’re paying for.  Food labeling today is highly confusing because there are constant changes being made…in hopes to clear up the confusion.  Many people find these tidal wave of labels even more confusing than before.

What is food labels do you need deciphered?

Tip #1:  Grass-fed or Grain-fed Meat

Happy Cows!

happy cow

  • Purchase some ground beef.
  • Slowly cook the beef then drain & collect all the fat.

Grass-fed beef fat is much thinner and watery and liquid at room temperature. This means less saturated fat…not that all saturated fat is bad (i.e. coconut oil = good saturated fat/medium-chain triglyceride).  Also, grass-fed is usually organic BUT organic does not mean grass-fed when it comes to meat.  The two are not synonymous so don’t be fooled.  Many organic meats are grass-fed BUT grain finished in order to fatten the meat and supposedly boost the flavor.

MORE INFO: This fattening with grains disturbs the animals plant-based digestive system causing inflammation aka fat/immune response (cows have multiple stomachs to process the fibrous grasses not the grains/sweet feeds).  If the cow is inflamed/fattened then you are eating the hormones released from the inflammation.  It’s like our bodies know that what we are eating wasn’t treated/killed kindly or properly, therefore, it responds with the same negative reaction BUT grass-fed meat has lower saturated fats, higher Omega 3s, higher CLAs, more beta-carotene (converts into Vit. A) & Vit. E, and more.  ALL BEEF IS NOT CREATED EQUALLY.  Choose wisely.

Keep it clean, keep it kind.

Tip #2…..TBA


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