My Story

“teaching people how to experience life to the fullest”

Lyndsey Robinson created Awakened Living Therapeutics, LLC, in 2008, after a seemingly life-long journey where she struggled to overcome stress, anxiety, insecurity, injury and loss.  Through yoga, clean cooking/eating, meditation, & physical exercise, she lost 20lbs, went off all prescription medications, and began pursuing a career in holistic health in order to share the healing she found with the many that are dissatisfied with their current health and healthcare options.  Lyndsey has a Masters in Counseling, is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and is currently enrolled in UAB’s Accelerated Masters in Nursing program to become a RN and eventually a Nurse Practitioner.  She is also a local triathlete/runner and on the Jr Board of Red Mountain Park.

Lyndsey grew up in Woodstock, AL, near Tuscaloosa on 200+ acres of property that was scattered with fruit trees, muscadine vines, wild berries, a seasonal garden, and free-roaming deer that often grazed in her front yard at dusk. From an early age she learned to connect with the land and the food it provided.  Her grandparent’s farm is where she began developing a passion for cooking and how it connected people for generations.  80As an athlete, chef, & counselor, Lyndsey is constantly exploring the connections between what we eat, where it comes from, and how it makes us feel.  Over the past 10 years she has studied & worked in the fields of yoga, holistic nutrition, professional counseling, high-end catering & organic cafe management.  As a result, Lyndsey has created savory and satisfying menus and personal wellness plans that satisfy many dietary choices from Paleo to Vegan along with fitness & stress-reduction goals.  Her goal is to provide a fresh perspective on how fresh food, realistic fitness goals, personal reflection and supportive relationships can lead you to your fullest potential.  

On this site, you will see how to integrate all aspects of your life: physical, social, financial, work, spiritual, etc.  FROM what/why to “eat” your medicine & how to live happily TO training insights, testimonials, & the trials and tribulations we overcome.  Come discover how wonderful your life could be with a little guidance and support.


May it inspire, inform, & guide your journey towards all that brings you passion & fulfillment.


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