Chopped! (leftovers)

One of my favorite cooking shows is obviously Chopped on Food Network. Recently, the show’s theme was leftovers/discards but in the form of wilted carrots, fish carcass, & the like – basically, stuff you’d probably throw away. I was inspired to use my leftover items from this week: herb-roasted purple, sweet, & red potatoes / bacon-wrapped chicken / canned chickpeas / pickle juice.

I had the chicken last night, which was highlighted by the greasy, salty bacon. So that was on my taste buds. The potatoes were a few days old, and I remembered they needed salt & flavor to pull the various potato flavors together. The canned chickpeas were too few for hummus and too many to toss so what to do.

I thought the multi-colored potatoes would create a uniquely colored potato salad. On the salad vein, why not add some “chopped” bacon-wrapped chicken for salt/protein, smashed chickpeas marinated in pickle juice, then fresh chopped dill & mayo. Because I need my veggies, I roasted fresh summer squash & mushrooms with fresh dill, garlic, and S&P to surround my “salad.”

To offset the salty, savory of the salad & the use of seasonal veggies, I had a rose wine. YUM!


Or you could serve the salad in a mini-romaine lettuce cup!