You Are What You Eat: the benefit of hormonally-balanced, low glycemic food

If we are what we eat, then why don’t more people care about what they put on and in their bodies?  Every week I hear about another diagnosis of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, yet all anyone seems to do is drop their head and pray then drive to the doctor for medication.   Yet from what I’ve seen, one medication turns into 5 then into 10 quite quickly because of the enormous side effects and contra-indications.

What if the answer was simple, cheap, effective, on your terms and without a doctor’s visit/prescription/lecture?

GREAT NEWS!!  IT IS!!  You can start right now in what you choose to drink/eat or not drink/eat.  It’s as simple as your next visit to the refrigerator or grocery store or restaurant.  No need to wait for insurance approval or pharmacy fill lines.

fruit & vegsWe under-estimate the healing power of food, the original medicine of our ancestors.  Imagine how long & healthy we could live if we combined proper nutrition with medical science!  Currently people live longer but not necessarily fuller lives, unless you look at their waistlines and blood sugar levels.  People are sicker, fatter, & more dangerous to themselves and sometimes others than ever before.  We are busier but are we more productive?  We make more money than previous generations but are we happier?  We have more freedoms but are we really free anymore?  I meet people every day that are slaves to their medicine cabinets, their sofas, their melodramas, and their doctors.  My father became a physician in the 1950s when people rarely came to the doctor except when deathly ill or having a baby.  Now people go to doctors on monthly if not a weekly basis.  Millions if not billions are being poured into a failing system that does not truly heal the sick but often creates a codependent, more sick population.  Doctors know less about true nutrition and whole health than ever before, often suffering from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the like as much as the population.

How can we trust healthcare professionals who either don’t know how to or don’t care about their own health and wellness?


Let’s learn what is truly healing for our bodies and minds and fill ourselves to the brim with nourishment so we are no longer an over-fed but under-nourished country.  With hormonally-balanced & low glycemic food, your health and wealth will begin to shift drastically.

Nutritional Guidelines:

50% non-starchy vegetables (low or medium heat/not fried)

25% lean, hormone-free proteins (animal or bean/lentil)

15% high fiber (GF) carbs & low glycemic fruit (berries & green apples)

10% healthy fats/oils (olive: no heat, sesame/avocado/walnut: heat)

In my research for nutritional & skincare products that follow a green, clean policy, I have found and teamed up with a company called Arbonne because what we put on our skin, which can be found in every major organ in the body in 26 seconds, is just as important as what we put in our bodies.  For more information on the company, products, and philosophy, contact me.  I’ll show you the how and why and how to purchase products at affordable prices (25%+OFF retail prices listed on website).

Additional Information:

The Arbonne Ingredient Policy has 3 parts to its philosophy: pure, safe, & beneficial.


Pure  = free of harmful chemicals (like mineral oil/petroleum/parabens/phlates), artificial ingredients/sweeteners, GMOs, gluten, animal-products; vegan-certified, plant & botanical based ingredients

Safe = US & European guidelines with objective, conclusive, & scientifically supported sources

Beneficial = clinically tested with superior results


No-Bake Energy Balls

No Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Balls*

no bake oatmeal peanut butter balls

 For those with peanut allergies, please substitute another nut or seed butter (tahini or pumpkin butter from pumpkin seeds are two favorites!) of your choice.


  • 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats (use gluten free, if applicable)
  • 1/4 cup ground flaxseed or shelled hempseed
  • 1/4 cup shelled sunflower seeds (raw or barely salted, no oils)
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon or ginger (to help upset stomachs)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter (or almond or tahini butter), melted and slightly cooled
  • 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup sesame seeds


Combine oats, almonds, flaxseed, chia seeds, salt and cinnamon in a large bowl and stir until combined.

Melt peanut butter, allowing it to cool slightly. Stir in honey and vanilla extract until it’s combined. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix together with your hands. A spoon will not bring it together well enough – get messy! Once mixture is sticking together, roll dough into balls.

Roll the balls in the sesame seeds and keep in an air tight container in the fridge. They are great cold and great to bring to work for that afternoon craving.

*From on the Ignite Naturals blog by GET IN on November 23, 2012

Cycling, Your Brain, & Calories

Lyndsey Cure Tour 2.jpgCycling is a great form of low impact & potentially high intensity exercise, especially if you’ve visited a local spin class.  Some people cycle strictly because of the above and the calorie burning potential.

Depending on how long you ride, how much you weigh, and how fast you go determine how many calories you burn & need to maximize the cardiovascular and muscular benefit.

Below is a quick calorie-burning calculator for cyclist:

  • BASELINE: 150 lb rider @ 15mph burns 12 calories/minute
  • less 15 lbs @ 15mph burns 1.2 less calories/min (135 lbs = 10.8 cal/hr)
  • add 15 lbs @ 15mph burns 1.2 more calories/min (165 lbs = 13.2 cal/hr)

If you ride more than 1 hr/day with at least moderate intensity, your daily carbohydrate load should be 60%.  As humans we have bigger brains and smaller livers than other animals.  So when we test on animals to determine sugar and calorie needs, it’s not always the most accurate.  Because of our difference organ sizes, we require more glucose (NOT fructose, maltose, other process & chemically separated versions) for our brains to function.  Smaller livers mean a lower ability to produce glucose without the presence of food.  The key is consuming healthy natural versions of glucose/sugar like Stevia (not Truvia or Stevia in the Raw), organic agave nectar, local unprocessed honey, and fresh fruits.

Beware of processed gels, goos or gummy chews.  Make some homemade Energy Balls that are travel-friendly. Or Reload Energy Gel which is made from 100% fig paste, berry extract, sea salt, and CoQ10, and is available at Awakened Living.  Or make your own and post your creations.  For a simple start, try with bananas, water, and sea salt to start.

Remember: refuel within 30 minutes of activity with fruit to replenish glucose then add some  protein (i.e.) within the hour to help build and repair muscle tissue.  Longer workouts require greater pre- & post-nutrition.  Know your needs and inquire for help as needed.

Over-Fed & Under-Nourished: Americans and the “Radar Range”

microwave water plantSince the arrival of the “radar range” (i.e. original name of the microwave) in the 1970s, controversy about the safety of them has swirled.  They were banned in Russia between 1976 and the early 1990s because of some negative studies in regard to effects of irradiating of food.   When you think about it, none of us want radiation in or around our bodies much less our food, YET “nuke it” is probably one of the most forms of “cooking.”

Radiation is used in many settings from cancer treatment to cooking food and killing bacteria.  These are seemingly helpful ways BUT the results are not as clean as we would hope.  Many people who receive radiation/chemotherapy treatment not only experience cancer remission but also receive radiation burn and cognitive disturbances like memory and attention problems.

Sometimes the pros outweigh the cons especially when people feel it’s life or death BUT…

What would happen if we were more mindful with our choices and more thorough in our investigation of alternative options?  i.e. Less run by fear.

When it comes to our food, Americans are severely overfed and consistently under-nourished, which is why everyone stays hungry yet gains weight and diseases formerly unknown to our ancestors.  Whether you re-heat food with a microwave or support the use of irradiation in food to inhibit mold or salmonella or e. coli, the effects are important to know.  When food is treated with radiation it sky-rockets the internal temperature that not only kills micro-organisms but also kills micro- & macro-nutrients.  Basically it changes the molecular structure of food.  And if you’re food is already pre-made, processed, not fresh-from-the-garden, then it’s effects are empty calories that still count against you.  Over-Fed, Under-Nourished, and STARVING!  

Remember when the US dropped the A-bombs in Japan? Remember what happened to the people exposed to it?  Remember what happened to their offspring and the next generation?  Molecular changes that caused birth defects and cancer to name a few.  While I am NOT saying that microwaving food will lead to cancer and birth defects, I am saying that it kills every last bit of nutrition our food which is already less than nutritious depending on how many hands or machines manipulated it before it touched your lips.

To go on a microwave detox may feel a bit extreme and time consuming, is this possibly another case of pros outweighing cons?  The biggest benefit is not just balanced nutrition but less overfeeding, less undernourishing, and greater connectedness to our food and our bodies.

It is by the reconnecting of our mind and body to nature (i.e. food, environment, community) that we heal our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual dis-eases.



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Make New Year’s Resolutions Last!

As January 1st, 2013, rapidly approaches, many people begin to plan how they want to look and feel for the next 365 days.  Unfortunately, most folks resolutions are so resolute, only lasting 30-90 days at best.  The only way to make permanent changes is to set long & short-term goals that have built-in accountability measures.  That’s where my job begins.  I am your accountability coach, your nutrition analyzer, your motivational speaker, and your stress reduction specialist.  So……


Then there are 2 plans below to choose from:

1) a 30-day generalized plan with basic assessment


2) 6 months of in-depth health & wellness coaching


Plan 1 includes the basic 30-day lifestyle outline, recipes, food guide, & 1 coaching session.

*Cost =  $75

Plan 2 includes all the above plus an initial health & wellness assessment, food/mood journal & the weekly coaching sessions (i.e. cooking, grocery shopping, personal training including yoga, etc.), email check-ins, & a monthly newsletter.

*Cost = $50/initial assessment then $100/mth with 6 mth commitment


Contact me for a free 15-minute consult to determine which plan fits your needs.

Everyone needs a plan and a process and a partner.  I can help you create that perfect plan for health and happiness in 2013.

Age 30: part-Paleo, part-CrossFit, part-Athlete, all ME

If you  haven’t heard about the Paleo Caveman Diet or the Crossfit (IronTribe in Birmingham) workout style, then do not be afraid.  If you HAVE, then also don’t be afraid either.  I’ve gone from hate to indifference to curiosity to personal guinea pig in order to determine the what, how, and why of this recent craze.  Between my injury-prone history, my all or nothing athletic attitude, and my obsession with finding harmony, health, and balance, I became humbled enough to seek outside advice and inside experience.

I’ve always been the person who had to try it on before believing it.  My famous last words before every break-through or breakdown, as it more often seemed to be, were, “I can do it myself.”  And oh how I tried, sometimes succeeding but usually ending up with stitches (head, finger, nose, chin, etc.).  My ego and/or excitement seemed to always get me in trouble or hurt, until I realized how to embrace as a lesson that I desperately needed to learn.  Too bad it only took 30 years, a severely weakened and pulled hamstring, and a painful finish to my 1st half-marathon to learn it.  That was the spiritual 2×4 that has so lovingly followed me around for decades.  Of course I didn’t even realize its’ presence until about 10 years ago.

So now I’m 30 and the realities of fitness, family, work, and spiritual reality are booming loudly around me and inside me.  I can’t keep going full blast until breakdown like I did in my teens and 20s.  Unless I want blown out knees, hips, back, and more (Dr. Sophia Lal already pointed out the bursitis and arthritis in my hips, least I say more).

In an effort to minimize and eventually eliminate my pain and join inflammation, I’ve not only been going to physical therapy at Eskridge & White for 4 month but I’ve started working with new chiropractor, Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh, in Pelham.  Strengthening muscles, aligning bones/vertebrae, discovering nutritional deficiencies, and being my own patient, has given me patience and insight into what true healing is about.   While no one “diet” or “food plan” is for everyone, I do believe we have much to learn from each other.

WHY the Paleo, Cross-Fit, Spinning, Yoga-Extravaganza?!

PALEO: This caveman approach says we need to go back to our ancestral diet because they didn’t have diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc.  Paleo people blame the previous on excess fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and dairy.  In particular, sugar (i.e. simple/double & even complex carbohydrates like grains/wheat) can feed the body’s stress response along with overtaxing the the liver & other digestive organs leading to an accumulation of toxins (and fat: the “tire around the waist” kind).  It does give us energy but we have made sugar a food group and the main one at that in the past 30 years.  No one needs that much energy, nor that poor of a quality which is found in sodas, desserts, and all sorts of pre-fabbed  (i.e. processed) foods.  Basically, sugar feeds the Stress Response  which creates Toxins = Inflammation.  Enough said.  I’m inflamed enough so good by wheat, dairy, refined foods, potatoes, rice/quinoa except at lunch/dinner with protein and veggies.  I’m still going to eat my legumes though; the vegetarian in me is still quite alive.

For more ideas on a gentle balance way to try it out, check out Paleo for Athletes.

CROSS-FIT/IRON TRIBE go hand in hand with the Paleo diet.  The point behind their WODs (workout of the day) is to keep your body and brain guessing but also use dynamic, functional movements like lifting, swing, pushing, pulling, etc.  They only have you do it with weight, quickly, and timed.  This method builds endurance and quick muscle firing = strength and agility to name a few.  My weak muscles and extra-stretchy body via Yoga called for major strengthening if I was ever going to swim, bike, run or even walk again pain-free.  I might can stand on my head, balance on one foot, touch my toes, and fold over backwards but what functional purpose does that have if I can stand or sit for more than 5 minutes without hurting? So strength it is!

SPINNING & YOGA: These two things probably seem like polar opposites depending on the type of spinning and/or yoga class you attend  but for me that create a dynamic balance of cardio, flexibility, and mental focus.  Spinning makes me physically strong like the Cross-fit moves but it also requires focused breathing which I hone through my yoga practice.  My yoga is more breathe work and meditation these days than an endless series of body contorting poses.  It’s all good but only if it fits YOUR NEEDS.  Stretching wasn’t working anymore and I couldn’t figure out how to strengthen while I stretched so I pulled the two a part and created a practice for me.

This is the introduction. Look forward to the reports.  Y-Cross starts in T-30 minutes.


WATCH ANOTHER LOCAL ATHLETE & WRITER named Kim Cross as she takes herself through a similar journey under the tutelage of IronTribe Instructors and the healthcare professionals at Fagan Sports Medicine and PhysioFitness.  Check out Kim’s journey at Operation IronTribe.


Health & Nutrition Program

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your life AND your state of health (weight, energy, mood, diet, etc.) then commit to yourself to attend the presentation and see what options are available to you.  More and more research surfaces daily about food, health, illness, and healing.


Then there are 2 plans below to choose from OR  you can request a single evaluation to tailor to more specific needs.

Options will include either: 1) a 30-day generalized plan or 2) 6 months of health & wellness coaching

Plan 1 includes the basic 30-day outline, recipes, food guide, & 1 coaching session.  *Cost =  $60/initial session & $40/addtl sessions

Plan 2 includes all the above plus an initial health & wellness assessment, goal setting map, food/mood journal & the following weekly items: personalized 1-hr sessions (cooking, grocery shopping, exercise support including yoga, etc.), phone/email check-ins, & a newsletter (including educational/support articles, recipes & more).  *Cost = $100/mth with 6 mth commitment

Fat in Alabama: Avoiding “Chemical Calories” via Gardening

In early September 2012, a study was published by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Alabama was found to be the 6th fattest state (which is 2 places down from a recent federal study that ranked Alabama 4th).  Mississippi topped the chart at #1.  Colorado was the “thinnest” state.  Please remember though that numbers are NOT the ultimate measurement of health.  Although BMI (body mass index) is not the most accurate measurement of weight or obesity, it gives a general idea is one’s height and weight proportions are out of the normal range.  Skin fold calipers are more accurate in attaining body fat percentage which is how obesity is determined (over 25% body fat for men & over 30% for women).  Once you know where you are or even if don’t, finding support and assistance is the next most important thing.  Use of extension & local offices are the hope for the future, especially for people in rural areas who are less likely to travel to big cities and their “weight-loss” programs or be able to afford them.  Local programs run by local people provide familiarity of culture, ease of participation, and less of a financial and time burden.

So here is a FACT.  No longer can you blame your genes because your jeans don’t fit.  While some of us are “big-boned,” really tall or vertically challenged, this does not account for the rapid explosion of obesity in America.  You can be all of these things which are affected by genes but they DO NOT mean that “fat is familial” (i.e. inherited).

From Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, auto-immune disorders, liver and digestive system illnesses, and even mental disorders, obesity is a preventable condition that is linked to these and other serious and expensive-to-treat chronic diseases and other medical conditions. BUT GOOD NEWS!  You can prevent this epidemic from effecting your home, family, and even community through knowledge and action.

There are countless legitimate books and research studies that have been peer-reviewed and published discussing that it’s what we put IN our bodies and ON our bodies that is causing a health epidemic.  In other words it’s not just what you eat and how much you eat, but what goes in to those things, including on our hair and skin.  The impact of fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, and petroleum products are now documented to cause damage to the natural “weight-control” system of our brain and body, particularly our liver and digestive system which are our detoxification centers.  Over the past 30 years or so, advances in technology have allowed us to become the greatest producers of goods and technology BUT we didn’t realize the cost that couldn’t and wouldn’t be known until decades later.  When studies compare the sudden shift in obesity rates with the implementation of pesticides, fertilizers, and other man-made chemicals, the results are shockingly noticeable.  While cause and effect always have additional variables which shouldn’t be ignored, the major correlation is evident.

So be honest:


For an easy to understand and well-researched explanation by a doctor, read The Body Restoration Plan which discusses these “chemical calories” and their detrimental affect to our health via the obesity epidemic.

In a recent online article highlighting obesity in rural areas, the Journal of Rural Health found higher rates of obesity in rural settings by about 13% percent.  Whether the cause of this is income or education or culture is unknown, but a range of factors are probably the answer.  Oddly enough, people in some rural areas actually have the best chance of living healthier, happier lives because of their blue collar, more physical jobs.  Not only do rural people potentially work more physical jobs, they often work on or in association with farms.  Farms=Food & the quality, freshness and cleanness of our food impacts our health  and therefore our weight.  So when you own the farm or grown your own food, you have greater control over these factors.  Small gardens are easy to grow.  You just have to know what, when & how.

I offer a Crash Course in Gardening program and a quick guide handout so that you can have your Fall garden started in no time.  I can even create this garden for you with foods you’ll love that is price and time-effective.  Once it’s established, upkeep is quick, easy and great light to heavy exercise, depending on what you want.

Reply with a comment or email and I’ll contact you ASAP about getting started.

Starbucks vs. McDonalds – Different but Equal?

Starbucks & McDonalds Reveal the Nutrition Numbers

In the above linked clip, the Today Show provided some helpful and scary details behind quick coffee & fast food giants, Starbucks’ & McDonalds’ decision to reveal their nutritional values.  From calories & fat to sodium & sugar, consumers can now see the numbers inside the items that are contributing to today’s epidemic of obesity or to the future’s shift towards health, wholeness, and food awareness.

As a policy and practice, I never encourage fast food, pre-made, pre-package food choices, BUT I realize that most people live hectic, over-scheduled, imbalanced lives where nothing is ever enough.  The mantras are “I need more: sleep, money, food, clothes, work, hours in the day, etc.”  So, we make the best choices we can by collecting the MOST INFORMATION possible.  Unfortunately most fast food chains are filled with the “never ever eat” ingredients like MSG (also called ‘natural flavors’), hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and ingredients that don’t sound like food.  As a result, if you don’t see ingredients then it’s a gamble to trust just the numbers listed.  Choose carefully & know that just because it’s low fat, low calorie, or low sugar does NOT mean it’s healthy, nutritious, or beneficial to your health.

Starbucks owner Howard Schultz, author of Onward: How Starbucks Fought for its Life Without Losing its Soul, has made major changes to keep Starbucks in line with it’s core values.   By encouraging and supporting sustainable and Fair Trade coffee production, local American roasting plans, community involvement especially with youth, and healthier, fresher whole food options, Starbucks’ efforts are impressive and worth acknowledgment.  They have chosen to invest in their communities and in the people within the community by offering choices that are free of hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup to name a few because they know that healthy community means a healthy business.  Study your stores and discover their transparency…or lack there of.

Remember: if they have nothing to hide then they will reveal the information willingly.

So DRINK your calories or EAT your calories, and not just calories but nutrients!  So much “food” is actually empty calories, meaning although there is fat, calorie, sugar, protein, etc., the quality of those items is null and void.  You would be better fasting that consuming that so-called “food,” because the price of eating it creates the same negative result in the long run as putting bad, cheap gas into a new car.  The only person being tricked is YOU!!  Don’t let the food industry trick you anymore.  Keep it simple, fresh, and recognizable, otherwise in a few years, you won’t recognize your self.